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What is College Life?
• Provide students with an opportunity to have an exciting and fun college life while learning to focus on Christ and the two greatest commandments-loving God and loving people. (Matt. 22:37-39)
• Provide students the chance for personal discipleship that will lead to tremendous spiritual growth and a deeper love for Christ.
• Host activities and events, such as ski trips, lake trips, and dances, and provide a 24-hour hangout facility that will help students build Christian relationships that will last a lifetime.
• Provide service opportunities such as mission trips, servant teams,and work days in order to give our students the chance to demonstrate and strengthen their love for those around them.
• Involved in campus activities (Howdy Week, Homecoming, Texan &TexAnn athletic events) and host outreach events like cook-outs and tailgate parties, so that we may be a light for Christ at Tarleton.